About Seasons of Health Chiropractic

Seasons of Health Chiropractic, established in 2011, is focused on increasing the well-being, wholeness, and health for women, children and families. If you wish to make an appointment, please contact Dr. Erin Jones at drerin103@gmail.com or you may call our office at 573-397-6445.

About the Doctor

Dr. Erin completed her pre-chiropractic studies at Illinois State University while also working as a chiropractic assistant. She continued her education at the prestige Palmer College of Chiropractic, named after D.D. and B.J. Palmer – the founders of the field.  While attending Palmer, Dr. Erin resumed job duties in the healthcare field by working in an outpatient clinic. She also attended a chiropractic mission trip to Morocco, Africa where she helped host a 5 day free clinic and adjusted patients from newborn to over 100 years old. She left Africa with an even greater purpose for bringing the benefit of chiropractic care to any person of any age.

Dr. Erin graduated Palmer College of Chiropractic with both a Bachelors of Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, and is skilled in multiple techniques including the Gonstead, Diversified, Thompson, and Toggle-Recoil techniques. She has also taken courses in SOT, Activator, and is proficiency certified in Receptor-Tonus (NIMMO) and the Webster Technique for Pregnant Women.

Future Endeavors

“Chiropractic chose me!” – Dr. Erin

Dr. Erin’s love of chiropractic began at the age of 9, but it really started when she received her first adjustment at the age of 3 days old.  She spent every moment she had during her childhood learning about chiropractic and its benefits, even going so far as to practice technique with family members. It is safe to say that chiropractic has been, and always will be, a paramount element within her life, and Dr. Erin focuses on bringing the latest and most advanced knowledge to the table.

Dr. Erin attended several chiropractic seminars in 2013 including California Jam 2013 and FOCUS, and she is currently pursuing an additional certification in pediatrics through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association. She also focuses on healthy living, and suggests to all patients exercise, healthy eating habits, and regular chiropractic visits to maintain wholeness and health. Dr. Erin is a member of Advanced Management for Chiropractors and currently serves as the President of the Show-Me Business Network

Palmer Alumni Advantage